Avatar, Cines 1916 in London

Avatar 1916
Amleto (Hamlet) Novelli, André Habay, Soava Gallone in Avatar (1916)

A trade show unusual interest will take place at the West End Cinema on Thursday next, when Unicorn Films Ltd., will screen their first big exclusive, “Avatar,” founded on the novel of the same name by the famous french writer, Gautier. “Avatar,” a Cines production featuring Hamlet Novelli, of  Quo Vadis? fame, is now being shown a the Vaudeville Theatre, Paris, where, according to our Paris correspondent, it is booked for a run of some months. Unlike most of the films in which Signor Novelli has been featured, it is of moderate length (four reels), and this should commend it to exhibitors who do not care for the speculation involved in booking an exceptionally long subject.

The Unicorn Film Co. expect great things from the film, which has already met with an enthusiastic reception in Rome, Paris, and Madrid. The well-known french dramatic critic, Émile Bergerat, devoted over two columns of the Figaro to an appreciative review, and many other newspapers, which do not usually touch on film matters, have been equally prodigal of their space in dealing with Avatar. Until we have seen the film we must reserve our judgment, but we shall look forward to the trade show with curiosity.
(The Kinematograph and Lantern Weekly in La Cinematografia Italiana ed Estera, 15 luglio 1916)

More about this film in italian and french (the review of Émile Bergerat) here: Avatar 1916

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