Corinne Griffith Loves Alice Joyce

Corinne Griffith, the Vitagraph's dainty Star
Corinne Griffith, the Vitagraph’s dainty Star

The story how Corinne Griffith managed to “get into pictures” is short but interesting. She happened to be attending a ball in New Orleans at the same time as a well-known producer of the Vitagraph Company.

She won a beauty prize in a competition, and the producer, who was impressed by her looks, offered her a chance to go on the screen, and she decided to accept it.

Corinne says that at first her family were “horrified,” but they are very proud of her now.

She was born in Texas, where her ancestors have lived for many years. Her grand father was mayor of the town four times. Her antecedents were Italian and Irish, and her lovely blue eyes certainly prove her Irish descent.

Corinne goes to the movies every night.

“ It’s the only way to advance in my work, ” she says.

“ I study all the stars, but I love Alice Joyce best. When I tell folks that, and also that I have the next dressing-room to Miss Joyce down at Vitagraph, everyone marvels. By all the rules we should be jealous and throwing things at each other, but we don’t ! She’s a dear ! ”

Besides being fond of Alice Joyce, Corinne likes “ beautiful clothes, chocolate cake, and melodramas, ” which, as she admits, is “ some mixture. ”

Corinne Griffith is a vision of feminine loveliness, so much so that she inspired this description, or rather, “ futurist impression, ” from an admirer : “ Tropic moonlight ; the Mediterranean at azure night ; perfumes of India ; a silken gemmed butterfly in a garden of orchids. ”

He couldn’t be very much more enthusiastic than this, could he ?

(The  Picture Show, London, February 14th, 1920)