American producers need have no fear of an European invasion

Nero (Nerone) Fox 1922
Jacques Gretillat as Nero, in the cover of the italian brochure

American producers need have no fear of an European invasion; especially after they witness the Fox production of “Nero,” which is scheduled for a Fall release. This remarkable picture was written by Charles Sarver and Violet Tracy, both Americans. It was directed by J. Gordon Edwards, an American, and produced by an American company. The picture was made in Rome, and promises to be the biggest production of the forthcoming screen season. It surpasses all foreign productions which have been shown in this country, and has more thrills than all of them combined, while the mob scenes, in which thousands appeared, prove beyond any reasonable doubt that American directors are the best. The objetionable feature of “Nero” is the over-acting of the italian actors whom Edward employed. The European actor doesn’t seem to be able to master the art of repression and restraint. William Fox must have spent a tremendous fortune on this spectacle, and Edwards was a year making it. But, both will be rewarded. Fox will get it all back, and a great deal more, while Edwards will take his place as one of the few great directors: an honor which he richly deserves. The photo dramatists will not overlook the names of Charles Sarver and Violet Tracy, for they have told a logical story with smooth continuity and they must not be overlooked when the credit for this great production is being apportioned out. European producers will never be able to send a greater picture to America during this generation, and everyone interested in photoplays and their construction should see this great work, even if they have to be inconvenienced on so doing.

H.H. Van Loan (Photodramatist, July 1922)

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