Danny the Cowboy Kid 1912

Danny, the Cowboy Kid
Danny (Daniel Reulos), the Cowboy Kid

Danny, is said to be the youngest and smallest cowboy in the world. His performances will be seen in the Méliès pictures, spinning the rope, and doing some very clever riding. The way he mounts a horse twice his height, without any assistance, and direct from the ground, is a marvel.

(from The Motion Picture Story Magazine, July 1912)

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  1. David

    The boy seen on the picture is not Ray Gallagher. Ray Gallagher was an at the time grown up actor also playing in “The Cowboy Kid”.
    The boys name is Daniel Reulos. He was the son of Lucien Reulos who was a former collaborator of Georges Melies, fim pioneer fro France and brother of Gaston Melies who was producer of “The Cowboy Kid”.

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