Cinema di vetro

Caruso 1917
Caruso Kino Plak 1917-1918

The Italian scientist, Liutenant G. Bettini, has perfected an invention in motion pictures which was tried out by Enrico Caruso – a young man who has lately been attracting a good deal of attention as a singer in opera. M. Caruso sat down, posed befor the movie machine, came back in an hour, paid Bettini two dollars and received a five-by-eight-inch negative on which he saw seven hundred views of himself in action. He was handed and eight-by-ten enlargement of one of the microscopic pictures, sat down again and this time saw the pictures of himself, which had only an hour ago been posed, flash by him on the screen. The enlargement in center is of the little image indicated with a white band.

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  1. Luis Recillas Enecoiz

    En la ciudad de México, Enrico Caruso puso la primera piedra de un famoso cine, el Olimpia el 1 de noviembre de 1919.

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