Royalty takes part in cinema play 1919

Women Who Win 1919
Queen Alexandra congratulates the leaders on the success of their work

The Cinema stage has scored a great triumph in being able to present to the millions of its patrons members of the English Royal family taking part in the photoplays, “Women Who Win,” and “The Power of Right.”

“Women Who Win” is a romantic drama, written by Miss S. Alma Stout. It tells of the Graham family, who have to face financial ruin. The girls turn out to work, but are inexperienced, and are quickly dismissed.

‘At their wits’ end how to get experience, Miss Wilson, a friend, suggests the Women’s Service Training Bureau.

They join, and we see them working in the positions they have attained.

This is the part of the story where the Queen and the Royal ladies come into the film.

Betty Graham, who is now a proficient and expert gardener, obtains a post at Clarence House, and very proud is she when Princess of Sweden, walking through the grounds, paused for a kind, appreciative chat with her; but even more gratified was the warm-hearted girl when her dear friend, Miss Wilson, was presented to Queen Alexandra.

Ella Graham, now a journalist, is commissioned to write up the work of women in an aircraft factory. H. M. Queen Mary is also a visitor to the works that afternoon, and chats with the workers.

We also see Queen Alexandra and Princess Victoria interesting themselves in the work of the bureau, and congratulating the leaders on the success of their work. The part of Miss Wilson is taken by Phyllis Villiers. Mr Davison, who holds the world’s rights of this photo-play, had the honour of being presented to Queen Alexandra.

“The Power of Right,” which, opening with a period depicting Britons as cave-dwellers. shows how, right through the ages, a constant struggle has been going on between Might and Right. In this story the Prince of Wales rewards Leslie, the hero, for capturing a spy. The part of Leslie is taken by Leslie Reardon.