Itala Film Turin to release long films

October 1912. The Itala Film Co. of America, of which Harry R. Raver is the head, will soon issue for the American trade a series of long films composed of two and three reels each. For these special productions a coterie of noted artists have been engaged, prominent among whom are Gina Marangoni, Giuseppina Amici, Berta Nelson and Lydia Quaranta, all of whom are well and favorably known throughout the largest theaters in all Europe. Commendatore Ermete Zacconi, conceded to be the greatest living Italian actor, and perhaps the most prominent in Europe, will be seen in these forthcoming Itala multiple films.

The policy of the Itala Company will be confirmed to the appointment of exclusive agents in the United States, these agents to control certain territory. The first of the new Itala releases is called “Souls in Torture,” and consists of two reels. As the title infers, the subject deals with heart throbs and the bitter problems of life. Several elaborate scenes are unfolded as the story proceeds. A very large cast of players is used. A reproduction of a fox hunt with blooded horses and a fine pack of hounds adds to the exciting features of the story. “Souls in Torture” will be sold
to exclusive state right buyers through the Film Supply Co. of America. The headquarters of the company is at 805 Columbia Theater Building, New York