Mildred Harris Chaplin no more

Mildred Harris
Mildred Harris

Mildred Harris Chaplin secured a divorce from Charles Spencer Chaplin in Judge York’s department of the superior court of Los Angeles on November 8th.

Upon the witness stand, with tears streaming down her face, the young wife of the screen’s greatest comedian repeated her of told tale of alleged cruelty, neglect and wedded unhappiness.

She was accompanied only by her mother and her attorney. Mr. Chaplin did not appear, but his lawyer was in the courtroom. The decree was granted by Judge York upon the ground of desertion when Mrs. Chaplin stated that in spite of repeated appeals on her part, Charlie refused to come home and act like a husband is supposed to act. A property settlement arranged out of court awarded Mrs. Chaplin $50,000 at that time, and $57,000 in six months. Incidentally, while on her visit to Los Angeles, Mrs. Chaplin (now Mildred Harris, since one of the conditions of the divorce was that the divorced wife should use the magic name of Chaplin no more for professional purposes) was, as usual, widely quoted by the newspapers upon various subjects.

Among other things she stated that “there is somebody I am very much interested in, but I sha’n’t marry again for a long time.” She also stated that she expected to build beautiful new California home, out Beverly Hills way between the Bill Hart and Wally Reid mansions. Well, Hollywood real state is a good investment. All in all, we wonder how Mildred feels about it. Her one great moment on the witness stand came when she spoke brokenly
of the tiny son whose passing shattered her last hopes of a reconciliation with her husband.