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Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Bain News Service Wikimedia Commons

Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree, Bain News Service Wikimedia Commons

English actors of rank have not yet figured upon the cinematograph films so well and so frequently as have those of other countries. This is being gradually changed, however, and there is no reason why such distinguished members of the British stage as Arthur Bouchier, Sir George Alexander, Martin Harvey, Forbes Robertson, Fred Terry, Robt. Loraine, Violet Vanburgh, Ellen Terry, Lena Ashwell and Julia Neilson should not become as popular with cinematograph audiences as they are with those who visit the ordinary theaters.

I hear in this connection that Sir Herbert Tree’s production of  “Macbeth” is about to be  filmed for the cinematograph and that the fee to be paid is $20,000. Sir Herbert’s “Henry VIII” has been on the cinematograph for some time. The fee seems enormous, but it must be remembered that all the scenery and fittings have to be transported to a daylight theater specially’built for this business.
(The Moving Picture World, 6 April 1912)

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