Shorts January 1920

Malbel Normand and Roscoe Arbuckle
Malbel Normand and Roscoe Arbuckle

Hollywood. Mabel Normand’s favourite colour is blue, and she is very emphatic in her conciviction that ii is the only possible shade for cute little brunettes – in short, for girls like Mabel.

She detests narrow skirts, and refuses to wear them as a concession to the tyranny of Dame Fashion, for she says they restrict her freedom of movement, and Mabel, being a bit of a tomboy, needs a lot of room to “move around”.

London. The filming of the Shackleton Antartic Expedition, which is being shown at the Albert Hall, is another proof how the cinema will help to gain knowledge of the wonders of the world. Capt. Frank Hurley, who, by the way, was also the photographer of the other successful film, “With Allenby in Palestine,” has had more than one narrow escape from death whilesecuring these pictures.

During the Antartic Expedition he was standing on the ice turning the crank of the camera, when a last effort was made to break through. The “Endurance” struck the ice in front of him bows on with terrific force, and he and the camera were both knocked over. The picture gained, however, and shows the “Endurance” coming right out the screen towards the audience. A wonderful piece of photography.

Smart Sayings of Screen Folk:

Miriam Cooper: My ideal man is 5 ft. 10 inches in height, with dark hair and eyes, fearless, successful and ambitious, I am jealous, and would not want him to associate with any other woman – even during business hours. I want him all to myself. I am not very partial to titles, but I would want a man I could call my King.”

Monroe Salisbury: “Brides and bridegrooms are the only ones who look upon the high prices of  leather as rather a blessing, old shoes are too precious to be thrown away.”

Jack Perrin: “Overcoats are again being worn this winter by those who can afford them.”

Marie Walcamp: “If we were living in the Garden of Eden, some profiteer would raise the prince of fig-leaves.”