Silent movies?

smile abner
Uncle Abner (to camera man) – Say, young feller, play Silver Threads Among th’ Gold.

“A man from Arena came to the city to visit his son,” said Mr. Montgomery. “After dinner the son said to his father, ‘Dad, let’s take in a good show.’

“The old man was on in a minute. He meant a regular show, not knowing that his son was addicted to the Photoplay habit. They dropped into one of the big theaters uptown, which has been turned over to the films, and took seats in the last row.

Three reels had been run off when the youngster turned to the old man. ‘How do you like it, dad?’ he asked.

“ ‘Aw,’ said the old gentleman, ‘it’s a good show, I reckon. But we’re sitting so far back I can’t hear the actors speak’ ”
(Times-Star 1911)