Attori teatrali nel cinema muto

Fred Thomson, E. H. Sothern and J. Stuart Blackton
Fred Thomson, E. H. Sothern and J. Stuart Blackton, President of the Vitagraph Company (An Enemy to the King 1916)

«Coming from the dramatic stage into pictures is coming into new art. I am deeply interesed in it. The necessity of adapting myself to a smaller stage interests me. It is leaving a fortyfoot stage for a four by three one. One cannot make any long, impulsive strides before the camera. If he makes too large and free a gesture with his arm, the arm is liable to be shown in the picture without a hand. One has to watch out for this constantly.»
E. H. Sothern

«He is making the best pictures that were ever turned out of this studio, or any other. He demonstrates what a man can do when he uses his brain. His pictures are remarkable because of his facial expressions. His brain directed them, not I.»
Frederick A. Thomson about E.H. Sothern

A proposito di attori teatrali nel cinema muto, vi segnalo la giornata di studi Attori e generi teatrali nel cinema muto italiano – Fra scena e schermo, a cura di Michele Canosa, Davide Gherardi, Gerardo Guccini, il prossimo 25 novembre a Bologna (Cimes – Progetti di cultura attiva – Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna). Altre informazioni qui.

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